The Madden 16
In 2015 a rag tag team of athletes and celebrities came together on a singular mission, to play Madden NFL 16, and save the world. Wait, dammit. That's two missions.

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Together with EA and the creators of Robot Chicken, we launched a fun, integrated campaign of broadcast and digital content, that was both real time and reactive to events throughout the NFL season. Check out the the entire 17 episode miniseries and additional content below.




Creating the Madden 16
We wrote in 16 characters, including 6 NFL stars, a coach, Russell Westbrook, WWE Diva AJ Lee, Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, a T-Rex, an robotic human-bear hybrid, Phil Simms, Jim Nantz, and our friend Jayson Hobby.  




Fantasy Disaster

Dynamic Video
By scrubbing viewer information from social media we were able to generate tailored game footage within our spots of the viewer's favorite teams and superstars. For example, in the above episode, the squad saves one fan's fantasy season by recommending a sleeper from that unique viewer's favorite team.

Super Volcano

Bye Week

Real Time Content
By scripting numerous versions of episodes, and then recording new VO to match events that unfolded throughout the season, we were able to react to the NFL in real time, releasing content tailored to teams, fans, and more. Check out the one we released for DeMarco Murray's infamaous return to Dallas below.

Angry Fans



Madden Season Tumblr
Just like in the series, our team needed a HQ to operate from. That became, EA's first foray on to the wildly popular blogging platform. With all of our episodes as well as tons of additional content to share, average site times topped nearly six minutes, beating out almost every industry standard available.

American Premier League

Lil Pepper on Sportscenter (Coming Soon)



ESPN SportsCenter Integration
During the shoot, we recorded tons of "press conference" footage with our puppets, and worked with ESPN to cut from actual news stories to the Madden 16, so they could weigh in and comment on the NFL season. 

Scared Straight

Thanksgiving Special

Lost Puppy


Puppet Love
Each puppet got their real-life human counterpart to re-skin their social media pages reflect their miniature Madden persona—introducing Madden to millions of new, young fans from the NBA, WWE, and NFL. 

Big Budget Real Time Superbowl Special

In addition to the ridiculous site time on Tumblr and the millions of impressions on Twitter, all in all the Madden 16 campaign generated 30+ million combined video views, sat at the top of Youtube's charts for 3 days, and helped Madden become America's number 1 selling sports video game.

Ghosts of the 1960's Green Bay Packers

Hold Out Hope

Public Service Gronkouncement

Rebuilding the Franchise

Holiday Special