Some of my favorite ideas never made it. Often times, we still made them. 

Suite Fighter
To help creatives test their command of Adobe's Creative Suite, my friends and I created Suitefighter, a hacked version of Street Fighter 2 that replaces every character's special moves with shortcuts from CS.

Simple Adobe key commands like copy (ctrl+c) or paste (ctrl+v) cause characters to kick and punch. While harder ones like Show All Surfaces (option+shift+command+X) might cause a character like Ken to perform a his signature Shoryuken. 

If you want to test your own Art Direction skills, download OpenEmu, an open source emulator for Mac. 
Then download the SuiteFighter ROM, here

Cause of Death
The Adobe Creative Cloud is no longer called the Adobe Creative Suite. Teaches me to hang my hat on a pun. 


The Quesarito Deep Web
The Quesarito had been hidden on secret menus since it's creation. Once ordered only by those in-the-know, we capitalized on the product's secretive nature by going to the most secret place on the internet. 

The idea was that Taco Bell would become the first brand on the Deep Web by creating a website that offers free Quesaritos to anyone inspired enough by the Quesarito's "coming to light" to do the same with their identity. Once fans sign up with their contact information, we'd autodial the number they provided with a tracking number for their quesarito.

Cause of Death
Deep web arms dealers and drug traffickers are not a primary market. Agree to disagree, I guess.
Let me know if you ever find the site. I'll mail you a quesarito. 


Tostitos' No Phone Zone
Tostitos are all about spending time with your real friends. Quality time. The kind where you're not just staring at your phone, but instead, sports on TV or The Bachelor. So to help get people off their mobile devices, I designed and built a bag of Tostitos with a loop repeating signal jammer in it.

Whenever the bag was opened, it jammed all Wifi, 3G and 4G signals within 15-30 feet, letting you party in peace. It also got really hot and kept your chips warm—which was pretty cool.

Cause of Death
Unfortunately, as constructed this bag commits a felony.