The Quesarito Deep Web
The Quesarito had been hidden on secret menus since it's creation. Once ordered only by those in-the-know, we capitalized on the product's secretive nature by going to the most secret place on the internet. 

How Quesarito Deep Web Works
Taco Bell would become the first brand on the Deep Web by creating a website that offers free Quesaritos to anyone inspired enough by the Quesarito's "coming to light" to do the same with their identity—giving us their name and contact information so we can mail one their way.

Once fans sign up with their contact information, we'd freak them out a bit by immediately auto-dialing the number they provided and giving them the tracking number for their quesarito.

Well, after we presented it to the client we got a nice pat on the head, and were politely told to not propose any more ideas that involved arms dealers and drug traffickers. So, perhaps it was a little bit too edgy for its time. But who knows, maybe someone took it upon themselves to develop and host the idea deep in the TOR network on an old IBM Thinkpad they converted into a server? 

Let me know if you find it. I'll mail you a Quesarito.