Boston Scientific / CRV Brand Launch
When I started out in advertising, I was always told put the work first and everything else will follow. For decades, Boston Scientific did the same. Put the patient first in their work, and trust the rest will follow. Unfortunately, it didn't.

That's because the way most medical device sales happen is between the developer and the procurement staff, aka economic customers, at hospitals. Often times, those folks are more interested in hard numbers and costs, than patient care, comfort, and outcomes. 

That's why Boston Scientific came to Olson, and that's why we helped them launch the Cardiology, Rhythm and Vascular Group. A patient oriented product group, that puts people at the center of everything they do, including sales. 

Incepta + Energen Mobile App
To help sales representatives tell a more human story to the staff at hospitals, we crafted a simple but comprehensive mobile sales tool which allowed them to tell complex stories in the fast paced, dynamic environment of major hospitals. A key hallmark of this project, was optimizing information hierarchies and user experience in order to allow the sales rep to cater their conversations to the attitudes of the economic customer, in real time.